In order to provide the most supportive and effective learning environment for it’s students, Scottsdale Piano Academy has established the following policies.

Lesson Cancellations & Rescheduling

Advanced notice: Students canceling with more than 48 hour notice will be placed on a Makeup Wait List or can submit videos for a Video Makeup Lesson at or before the lesson time (see below). 

  • How this Works: Makeup Lessons opportunities are very rare.
    • OPTION A: In-Person Lesson – Lessons are rescheduled if/when another student cancels and provides an open slot during the week. Students on the Makeup Wait List will be notified via e-mail if there is a makeup lesson opportunity. There will not be enough studio openings to accommodate most missed lessons. Those lessons not made up by the end of the Term will expire.
      • Spring Term: January through May
      • Summer Term: June through July
      • Fall Term: August through December
    • OPTION B: Video Makeup Lesson – Students may send videos of their pieces for review in preparation for the next lesson. These videos must be submitted prior to the missed lesson or that lesson will be forfeit.

24-48 hours notice: There are no in-person makeup lessons provided. Students may send a recording prior to the scheduled lesson time and I will be glad to review and send feedback in preparation for the next lesson.

No show/Less than 24 hours notice: There are no makeup options available for students that cancel less than 24 hours prior to the lesson time.

Instructor Cancellations: Due to the lack of availability these lessons will be automatically credited.

Studio Breaks: Please be aware that the studio’s Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks might be different from your school district or work schedule.

Summer Lessons: Piano Lessons are a year-round commitment. Stopping lessons for multiple weeks is detrimental to all of the progress we have made throughout the year. Not practicing results in a loss of skills acquired during the school year. The weekly schedule over the Summer Term is generally more flexible than the Spring and Fall Terms. Students may cancel two lessons over the summer in advance. Any lessons canceled after two are not credited or refunded – the tuition will remain the same.

  • As the studio is full with a waiting list, students who opt out of summer lessons will not be guaranteed a spot in the coming school year.
  • The studio policy for lesson cancellations does not change.

Online Lesson Policies

Online Lessons: All students are required to download Skype. I would recommend downloading it on multiple devices in the event something is not fully charged or the program fails when a lesson begins. New students will have one online lesson in their first month. Detailed online lesson information can be found HERE.

The Studio Will Use Online Lessons If:

  • The Instructor is ill or exhibiting a symptom but feels well enough to teach. Students will be required to take their lessons temporarily via Skype.
  • The student is ill or exhibiting a symptom or has difficulty getting to the lesson that day.

    Financial Responsibilities

    Monthly Tuition: Lessons are based on the number of weeks per month and all lesson fees are to be paid on or before the 1st of each month. Tuition not paid by the 1st of the month will automatically have a $20 late fee added to the balance. If late tuition is not paid prior to the first lesson of the month, the student’s time slot will be forfeited and opened to students on the waiting list. A studio materials fee is rolled into the tuition.

    • 2024 Scottsdale Piano Academy Rates:
      • $28.00/10-15 minutes
      • $55.00/20-30 minutes
      • $78.00/45 minutes
      • $92.00/60 minutes
    • 2024 Bright Start Piano Academy Rates:
      • $40/30 minutes – currently full

    Additional Fees: Recital Fees, Arizona Study Program Enrollment and Competition Fees are not included in tuition. Fees range from $25-50 per event.

    Parking and Safety Policies

    Parking: Cars may only be parked alongside the front of the studio property line, in ONE side of the driveway or across the street in front of the block wall. Students are in and out of the studio five days a week and I try to be very respectful and courteous of the homes and families around the studio. Do not park across the street or in front of the homes on either side of the studio.

    Safety: Parents must never drop their child off without seeing that I am there. Please do not drop your child off early to make another engagement. Students who arrive early must be accompanied by an adult until their lesson time begins and return before the scheduled lesson time ends. Myself or Scottsdale Piano Academy cannot be held responsible for a child’s well-being in the absence of supervision. Students may not arrive early or stay in the studio past the end of their scheduled lesson time.

    Behavior: The studio reserves the right to dismiss a student due to behavioral issues, lack of practicing or attending a lesson exhibiting any of the symptoms listed in the Studio Health Policies and Guidelines.

    While on the studio premises, students, parents, caretakers, friends, etc. come to the studio at their own risk, and no person(s) who work at the studio, others who are at the studio, or the studio itself, shall be liable for any loss, damage, or injury whatsoever, and waive any legal right to trial and/or any compensation.