Scottsdale Piano Academy aims to provide a diverse learning experience through quality instruction in a professional atmosphere with guidelines subject to individual growth. It is very important that students come to lessons prepared.With practice comes increased enjoyment and progress!

As I only see each student once a week, strict lesson and rescheduling policies are necessary to ensure that my students maintain regular progress. In order to work efficiently and provide the maximum benefits of piano instruction for each student, I have established the following policies:

Studio Policies

  • Two Makeups Total. A maximum of two excused makeup lessons will be added to the makeup list per term: Term I – January through May. Term II – June through July. Term III – August through December.
  • Lesson Cancellations & Rescheduling. Lessons will only be made up with a minimum of 48 hours advanced notice. Students who are ill may cancel an hour prior to their lesson time but that lesson will be placed on a secondary makeup list. Lessons are rescheduled if/when another student cancels and provides an open slot during the week. Because of this, it would be greatly appreciated to know as far ahead of time as possible when vacation dates or other lesson cancellations are planned. Once a student cancels a lesson, they will be placed on the Makeup Waiting List and notified via e-mail when makeup lesson times become available. After two lesson cancellations in one Term, there are no further makeup lessons regardless of reason. Lessons must be rescheduled within the Term in which they were canceled. If there are not enough studio openings to accommodate makeup lessons, those lessons not made up by the end of the term will expire with no refund.
  • No Shows/Phone Call. Lessons with no notification will not be made up regardless of reason.
  • Studio Breaks. Please be aware that the studio’s Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks might be different from your school or work schedule.
  • Teacher Cancellations. Because the studio is full, all lessons will be refunded.
  • Religious Observances. If a lesson falls on a religious holiday (i.e. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Good Friday, etc.), and a student cannot make the lesson due to these religious observances, these lessons will be added to the makeup list, and not count towards the two makeups per Term. The student must still give notice as stated above.

Clarification of the two types of Makeup Lists:

  • Primary List – Students who give a minimum of 48-hours notice will be sent new openings as soon as they arise.
  • Secondary List – Any student who cancels with less than 48-hours notice, regardless of reason, will be notified of new openings if no students on the primary list respond. Often times students on this list will get a makeup lesson but it depends on how many openings occur in a term.
  • Other List – Students who forget to attend a lesson or forget to cancel a lesson will be added to this list. Makeup opportunites are rare but on occasion no one on the primary or secondary list can take the opening and this is when students on this list will be e-mailed.

Financial Responsibilities

Lessons are based on the number of weeks per month and all lesson fees are to be paid on the first lesson day of each month. Tuition not paid by the first lesson day of the month will need to include a $20 late fee after the 10th.

  • $68.00/60 minutes
  • $55.00/45 minutes
  • $38.00/30 minutes
  • $20.00/10-15 minutes

Studio Safety Policies

  • While on the studio premises, students, parents, caretakers, friends, etc. come to the studio at their own risk, and no person(s) who work at the studio, others who are at the studio, or the studio itself, shall be liable for any loss, damage, or injury whatsoever, and waive any legal right to trial and/or any compensation.
  • The studio reserves the right to dismiss a student due to behavioral issues or lack of practicing.
  • Please arrive on time to your regularly scheduled lesson. This studio functions as a private residence and if students arrive early, the studio may not be in order and may not be open. Please do not come to the front door (non-studio door) and knock or ring the doorbell. I am a punctual person and attempt to arrive early to prepare the studio and myself for lessons, but there may be situations in which I cannot arrive early. Myself or the studio cannot be held responsible for a child’s well-being in the absence of supervision.
  • Parents must never drop their child off without seeing that I am there. Please do not drop your child off early to make another engagement. Students who arrive early must be accompanied by an adult until their lesson time begins and return before the scheduled lesson time ends.
  • Families who choose to wait in the waiting area while a student has a lesson must be respectful of the studio and the student having the lesson. The studio affords a waiting area but it also functions as my personal workspace. Please keep a watchful eye on children as the studio is not designed to be childproof. Areas of the residence not designated as the waiting room or teaching studio should not be entered.
  • It is imperative that family and friends arriving with students not block or play in the driveway. It is fine for children to play in the yard and there is a park within walking distance.

Other Policies

  • Parking: Cars may only be parked alongside the front of the studio. Students are in and out of the studio six days a week and I try to be very respectful and courteous of the homes and families around the studio. Please do not park across the street or in front of the homes on either side of the studio. When picking up students, please park alongside the front of the house and not in the driveway.
  • Behavior: Under no circumstances will disrespect to the instructor or to other students be tolerated. Students who break this rule will have their lesson ended immediately and a conference with myself and the parent/s will be scheduled to discuss the behavior. Students who continue to break this rule after the conference will be asked to leave the studio.
  • Summer Lessons: Lessons over the summer are generally more flexible than the spring and fall terms. A schedule will be planned out in May for eight summer lessons over ten weeks. The studio policy for lesson cancellations does not change. Any lesson canceled with less than 48 hours notice will not be made up.
  • Taking a Break over the Summer: Students may take a break over the summer, however this will result in resigning their fall time slot. This slot will be given to a student interested in a different time or to a new student on the waiting list. Students who take a break may find that the studio cannot accommodate their lessons in the fall because the slot has been filled.

Please understand that my studio is my livelihood. Students who leave for the summer – and do not pay tuition to hold their time – must be replaced out of financial necessity.