Arizona Study Program 2011-2023 Evaluation Results


2023 Technique/Repertoire:
Superior with Honors – 15,  Superior A – 2, Superior B – 1, Excellent – 1

2022 Technique/Repertoire: 
Superior with Honors – 12,  Superior – 3, Excellent with Honors- 1
2021 Technique/Repertoire: 
Superior with Honors – 14, Superior – 5
2020 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 14, Superior – 3

2019 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 17, Superior – 5
2018 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 18, Superior – 2
2017 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 11, Superior – 5, Excellent – 1
2016 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 9, Superior – 3
2015 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 9, Superior – 4
2014 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 13, Excellent with Honors – 1
2013 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 9, Superior – 1

2012 Technique/Repertoire: Superior with Honors – 6, Excellent with Honors – 1

Theory Tests

2023 Theory test scores: average 99%
2022 Theory test scores: average 98%
2021 Theory test scores: average 98%
2020 Theory test scores: average 99%
2019 Theory test scores: average 99%
2018 Theory test scores: average 99%

2017 Theory test scores: average 98%
2016 Theory test scores: average 98%
2015 Theory test scores: average 98%
2014 Theory test scores: average 98%
2013 Theory test scores: average 98%
2012 Theory test scores: average 98%

2023 Teacher Letter:

Thank you very much for sending so many lovely students to ASP this year! I enjoyed listening to them very much! They all prepared very well, and thank you for all your hard work to get all of them ready! Great work!

2018 Teacher Letter 1:

Thank you so much for allowing your students to participate in ASP this year! They did a wonderful job. They were well prepared and played very musically. All had great hand position and posture, but I particularly enjoyed the attention to detail they showed with dynamics and articulation. They were clear, clean performers who took time to focus between pieces or elements of the evaluation. Thank you again!

2018 Teacher Letter 2:

Dear teacher, it was such a pleasure listening to your students play today. It is clear that all of you are working very hard! Their playing clearly demonstrates careful technical preparation and carefully nurtured musical sensitivity. I enjoyed the variety of pieces presented, as well. Keep up the good work!

2017 Teacher Letter 1:

Wow! What a wonderful studio! You are an excellent teacher! Hopefully everyone can play four pieces next year, although I realize they have busy schedules. The young ones are learning well.

Your students are amazing, you’ve developed their talents so well! Your repertoire choices were excellent – they fit the students. Thank you for being a part of ASP!

2017 Teacher Letter 2:

Dear Teacher, Thank you for your work with these students. They were well prepared with solid performances. I hear stylistic differences, and they appear to have a strong technical foundation. As they develop, they can further expand their range of musical expression through even more contrast in sound (dynamics). But wow! Such a fine group of students! Congratulations on your work.

2016 Teacher Letter:
Dear Fellow Teacher, I truly enjoyed listening to your students performances today! Had to give a 1+ rating to one of your very talented young pianists; several others played a good 2-3 levels above the one they registered for. A vast majority of them played 4 pieces, all perfectly polished and memorized. But that’s just the beginning: next they take great pride in engaging completely and entirely into an exciting process of Making Music: huge range of dynamics, never harsh or hollow; navigating through every form one perfectly shaped phrase at a time. Great attention to each detail, every marking in the book…my heartfelt congratulations to a wonderful teacher! Several times, tempos seemed to be dangerously fast, but I cannot complain too much because they were nicely executed. When playing scale-like passages remind some of them to stay a bit taller, closer to the black keys, that will save them a moment…

Once again, it was a highlight of my day to hear all of your wonderful students!!

2017 Teacher Letter:

2015 Teacher Letter:
“Congratulations! Your choice of repertoire is excellent! Your students did a great job!!”

2014 Teacher Letter:
“The accuracy of the phrasing and articulation you teach is amazing. Such musical precision is a joy to hear. Even in their technique they put a musical shape – rare to see and much appreciated. Dynamic contrasts – wow! Everyone knows their technique routine – I didn’t have to prompt anyone. Very refreshing.I can compliment you all day – your studio is so accomplished in every way. Made my day!I’ve heard fantastic studios before, but often it was because of so many advanced kids. Your average level here is 3.3 (I actually calculated it!) – you are the rare teacher who teaches even the little ones how important details add so much to the music.My hat’s off to you, whoever you are. We need many many more like you. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!”

2013 Teacher Letter:
“Thank you for preparing such musical programs with your students. Your fine musical training is so evident and the students are confident and enjoying their music. My compliments!”

This is a testament to all of the hard work that was put into these evaluations. What great results! I could not be more proud of everyone!