I have provided the following FAQ for parents interested in understanding the program and how to get involved with Bright Start Piano Academy.

What does “starting piano lessons the right way” even mean?  Teaching the correct way creates the foundation for a student to become musically independent and sets them up for the ability to play advanced pieces should they continue to pursue piano lessons.  This program reinforces four critical aspects to building this foundation from the very first lesson:

  1. Proper technique/finger independence.
  2. Ability to count accurately.
  3. Ability to read notes quickly.
  4. A fun and engaging lesson. If the student doesn’t enjoy the lessons then all of the technique and music reading in the world won’t make a difference if they don’t want to continue.

It should be noted that while lessons should be fun and engaging, they are educational in their foundation. As with any new language or skill it takes consistent practice on the student’s part to reap the rewards of learning how to play the piano. Students must practice throughout the week to make progress.

Why is this program a great opportunity for parents of beginning students?  Many parents start their children in piano lessons simply because their son or daughter has expressed an interest in playing the piano but often have no idea where to start or what investment it might require. This program is a great launching point! Parents will:

  • feel secure that their son/daughter is starting lessons with solid technical skills.
  • receive a 35% discounted lesson rate which allows families to decide if piano lessons are something they want to pursue long-term.
  • have no long-term commitment.

Why is this program a great opportunity for beginning students?

  • Each new student receives personalized, one on one instruction.
  • Students can eventually participate in local recitals and events through Scottsdale Piano Academy.
  • Students will be prepared to start programs like the Arizona Study Program.

What is included in weekly lessons? In order to challenge these aspiring teachers they have many extra requirements on a weekly basis other than simply providing a 30 minute lesson. To ensure the progress of their students each teacher will provide:

  • Personalized one-one-one 30 minute lessons once a week
  • Follow up lesson plans for each student so they know exactly what to practice.
  • Short technique or clarification of new concept videos.
  • A periodic follow-up by Scottsdale Piano Academy instructor Lesli Hanson to ensure proper technique and progress.

What will beginning students learn in this program?

  • Technique foundations.
  • Note reading skills.
  • Ability to keep a steady beat and count accurately.
  • Self-discipline and learning how to practice
  • Learning that hard work over time will produce rewarding results

What do I need in order to start lessons with Bright Start Piano Academy?  In-person lessons are currently on hold due to COVID-19 circumstances. For online lessons you will need:

  • Fill out the application HERE
  • A digital keyboard or piano
  • A set of lesson books
  • A child willing to practice 4-5 days a week
  • The home supplies for online lessons HERE.

How does this program benefit aspiring student teachers?

If interested please visit the Mentorship Program page.

What are the requirements for aspiring teachers to join and receive a certification in the Bright Start Piano Academy pedagogy program?

If interested please visit the Mentorship Program page.