Welcome to Bright Start Piano Academy – a pedagogy program for aspiring piano teachers and a discovery program for aspiring young pianists!

Every few years I have some amazingly talented and motivated students who would be much better suited to share their love of piano through teaching rather than working at the local coffee shop. These students have already dedicated countless hours advancing their own piano pursuits and with the proper training, they could be incredible teachers for beginning students! Bright Start Piano Academy was developed as an adjacent program to Scottsdale Piano Academy.  This Mentorship & Lesson Program teaches the art of piano pedagogy to aspiring teachers while offering an opportunity for new students to explore piano lessons.

At the heart of this program is the most important piece of advice that I could ever give a new teacher: Start your students the right way.

Bright Start Piano Academy student teachers must work through an intensive program which includes observations, workshops and assignments.
However, in order for one to learn to teach…

…they must teach!

Lesson observations and workshops are critical but this is a hands-on,  experience-based skill. By offering discounted lessons to incoming students, these student teachers will have the ability to learn in a less pressured environment and develop the tools to become effective and engaging teachers.

Lesson Program

Mentorship Program