Meet Aadarsh!

I was first introduced to Aadarsh as a four year old younger brother of a very gifted student. His older brother had been taking lessons for a few years and we noticed Aadarsh was taking an interest. Lessons began at 15-minutes due to his age and almost immediately we had to move to a longer lesson!
Aadarsh then began the Arizona Study Program in Kindergarten – a year earlier than the program technically begins. His dedication, attention to detail, confidence and willingness to always challenge himself has made him an incredibly talented and versatile player. Aadarsh participates in 5-7 recitals every year as both a soloist and accompanist for younger students. As of 2022 he will begin his 10th year of piano lessons! All of these factors make him the ideal candidate for the Bright Start Piano Academy Mentorship Program. Iā€™m extremely excited to watch his development unfold over the next few years.

Aadarsh will now tell a little about himself below:

Hello! My name is Aadarsh Vikram. I am a freshman at Pinnacle High School. I have been exposed to music all my life because I have heard my mother sing and my older brother play piano since I was very little. I began learning piano at 4 years old and have enjoyed every moment of it since. For the last 9 years, I have participated in both the Fall Festival competition and Arizona Study Program statewide exam. I have received 7 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals in the PMTA Fall Festival Competition, as well as 9 Superior with Honors awards in the MTNA Arizona Study Program. I have also performed solos and ensembles in many recitals in Scottsdale Piano Academy over the years, including yearly Composer Spotlight Recitals, in which we study and explore the works of a specific composer for most of the year and celebrate their achievements in a recital. I have also gained accompaniment experience by playing piano with the string orchestra at my school. I am very interested in teaching piano because I want to be able to help others develop a love for music the same way I did. I am glad that I have such an amazing opportunity and I am excited for the years to come!