I first met Kate as a transfer student years ago and feel so incredibly blessed to have her as a student in my studio. She and her parents are extremely committed and dedicated to her lessons – traveling every week from Goodyear! As a student she is very ambitious and has learned incredible repertoire while participating in the Arizona Study Program. Kate truly was the first student I thought of that would really help this program grow! She has completed her Level 1 training, has several students and is loving teaching. Her kind and patient demeanor have won the hearts of all of her students and she continues to pursue her education in teaching. Kate shares a little about herself below:

Hello! My name is Kate Santiago and I am a junior in high school. My piano journey started when I was four years old. I took my first piano lesson and haven’t stopped since. Many of my family members played piano so it basically ran in my blood. I started learning from Mrs. Hanson when I was 12 years old. I competed in my first Fall Festival Competition and received a gold medal in 2016. I then joined the Arizona Study Program in 2017 and received Superior with Honors. I competed in subsequent Fall Festivals in 2018, 2019, and 2020 receiving another Gold Medal and two Silver Medals. I also continued in the Arizona Study Program and received a Superior with Honors every year. I have also participated in multiple studio recitals with Scottsdale Piano Academy. I am interested in teaching piano, because I want to have a memorable first high school job. I have a passion for music, and I would love to be able to channel that passion while teaching. Music is such a big part of my life and being able to share my talent with students who have that same passion would be an amazing high school experience.