Hi Lesli. Thank you for giving Kate the opportunity to be able to participate in this program. She has grown so much as a person and you have taught her how to be responsible and being able to relate to not only the kids that she teaches, but also the parents. We really appreciate your trust in Kate. – parent of Mentorship Teacher

This has been such a wonderful experience for incoming students as well as the Mentorship students. Below are a few testimonials from families who have been in the Lesson Program!

She’s doing a really great job with him. I realized the other week that she is in high school; she conducts herself with such confidence and maturity that I had forgotten and would have sworn she was in college! We’ve been so pleased with Alex’s progress. – parent of BSPA Student

Thank you so much for giving us the option! They seem like a great match where he is just beginning and Kate is doing really well with him, being direct and helping him understand what he needs to do, while being approachable. I’ve been meaning to tell you that we are so happy to be part of Kate’s training and really appreciate how you monitor progress as well. It is such a different experience from his previous lessons. – parent of BSPA Student

He has improved so much and what is most important to me is that he naturally gravitates to playing the piano on his own several times a day. He enjoys it so much and I know that is because of the progress he’s making in his lessons. Thank you! – parent of BSPA Student

Thank you again for providing a high quality experience overall. We are really happy and we love to see the joy he’s getting from playing. – parent of BSPA Student

Thanks for checking in! Leo and I are both enjoying piano lessons with Miss Kate. She is very knowledgeable and does a great job explaining everything using age-appropriate examples. Leo practices about 5-6 times per week and enjoys playing piano so far! – parent of BSPA Student

The lessons, songs, etc. are going great. Greyson especially enjoys it (especially when he can recognize the song). And, Emma enjoys it as well. She is improving everyday with some tips and tricks, like stepping, skipping recognition, and practicing her fingers on the piano without the sounds. Her brain processes information more slowly, so this approach has helped her read, while keeping a somewhat reasonable pace. – parent of BSPA Student