Horizontal vs Vertical angle set up at home by student

Higher vs Lower angle set up at home by student

A higher angle is more ideal for online lessons but how do I set that up? Simply setting up a phone, tablet or laptop at waist level means I am looking underneath or across the keys. It is deceptive because the student can see me fine but they don’t realize that have to picture my EYES as the camera. If you are looking down at the device when seated then it is too low. It should be at eye level or higher (especially compared to a young child!). A tripod is amazing for students using a phone. This $20-30 investment will pay for itself with the ease of use and ability to quickly manipulate the camera angle. We will save a lot of time in the lesson adjusting and needing less repetition while I try and understand what I’m looking at!

Students using bulkier devices need to get creative! Find a nearby side table and put a box on top, find an adjustable music stand, add some books to add height etc. All of these will work but do factor in the time it takes to get this set up situated – don’t decide to try and finagle it when your lesson starts or we will lose 5 precious minutes together!