Scottsdale Piano Academy has always held high standards for cleanliness and sanitation.  In response to current events the studio has upgraded several areas of the studio to provide an even safer environment for it’s students while still allowing for personalized interaction. Modified Lesson Options will be discussed prior to beginning in-person lessons.

Symptomatic Students: Any student that arrives at the studio with any symptom listed by the CDC – fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea – will be kindly asked to leave. The lesson will be forfeit – no makeup lesson or refund.

All students are required to be prepared for Online Lessons so there is no excuse to attend a lesson feeling/looking unwell. Do not drop off your son/daughter if they are exhibiting a symptom as they will not be allowed to enter the studio and will not be supervised outside.

Symptomatic Instructor: If I am feeling unwell or exhibiting any of the symptoms listed above I will notify the studio. Lessons will be required to temporarily move online.

Sanitation Policies & Studio Guidelines

Upon Arrival – Waiting Area: The studio waiting area is temporarily closed. There is now a small space at the front of the studio with one chair.  At the most only one parent may attend the lesson or one sibling wait inside. There is additional shaded seating outside the front of the studio. Please understand that I do not sanitize the indoor waiting area more than twice a week and outdoors I do not sanitize at all. I am providing waiting areas both inside and outside my studio but you will have to use them at your own risk. Family members are more than welcome to bring their own sanitizers/cleansers.

  • Entering the Studio: Students may not enter the studio on their own at this time – child or adult. I will be switching between online and in-person lessons throughout the day and will be opening and closing the front door at the scheduled lesson time.
  • Hand Washing Requirements: Students must wash their hands at the beginning of their lesson for a minimum of 20 seconds. Sing Happy Birthday twice in your head and that will work just fine!
    • Individual hand towels for each student have been provided in the washroom. Once the hands are washed students will use a clean towel for drying and then deposit it in the bin provided.
    • There is a new touchless soap dispenser and a new touchless faucet.
    • Family members should not use the washroom at this time – it is only for students.

During Lessons: While students are washing their hands I will wipe the piano/s they are going to use with an alcohol spray safe for the piano.

  • Re-washing of Hands: Students who touch their face, hair or mask will be asked to wash their hands again. This can be quite tedious and time consuming. It is completely understandable that it may happen once or twice but if you think your son/daughter can’t avoid this then they should remain online for the time being. For girls it might be a good idea to pin the hair back.

Exiting the Studio: Upon exiting the studio there will be a hand sanitizer station that students may use. (It is currently on back-order and I will notify the studio when it arrives. In the meantime, please bring your own sanitizer if you like.)

Returning to the Studio – Modified Lesson Options

Students are not required to take in-person lessons at this time. While they are the preferred way to teach and learn I do not want anyone returning in-person that is not 100% comfortable with the Studio Health Policies or comfortable being in-person in general. It is very understandable that everything is fluid at this time and I have created the following “return to lessons” options:

  • OPTION A: Normal piano lessons. The student and myself will be within 1-2 feet of each other. The student may wear a mask if preferred. I will be working with hand shape, wrist motion, feeling the beat and so forth. There will be minimal but often close contact. I will tab pages, make notes on the music, highlight scores etc. This is a typical private, interactive lesson environment. I will wear a facial covering if requested.
  • OPTION B: Slightly distanced lessons. There will be a 3-5 foot distance between myself and the student. I will use my standing desk and be approximately 3-5 feet away from the student using the acoustic piano. I can still see the music relatively well and will give instruction via another piano in the studio. Students will be required to bring their own piano PIANO KIT to tab their own pages and make markings. Facial coverings will be worn by both parties.

Waiver, Release and Assumption of Risk Relating to COVID-19 Pandemic

The steps outlined above are intended to provide a safe environment for student learning.  However, given the uncertainties relating to transmission of the COVID-19 virus, there is a risk that students or any family member or other individual accompanying a student may contract the virus while at the studio.  By acknowledging the studio’s policies, you agree to assume any and all risk associated with COVID-19.  You also agree to waive, release, and discharge any claims against Scottsdale Piano Academy and Lesli Hanson for liability for any illness, injury, damage or loss that may occur due to contracting COVID-19 in connection with attendance at the studio.