Why Study Piano as an Adult?

0_0_0_0_293_197_library_165488I love working with and teaching my adult students! More and more adults are taking piano lessons for many reasons. Many adult piano students find that playing beautiful music relaxes them after a long day at work. Piano lessons are also a wonderful outlet for feelings, emotions and stress! Mastering each piece of music provides a great sense of value and enjoyment. Piano lessons also improve one’s discipline, focus and concentration. The study of piano should be a fulfilling experience!

Adults are also returning to piano lessons after taking them as children. Some adults had bad experiences and realize the importance of music in their lives. Choosing the piano as a musical outlet is perfect because anyone can be taught to play, regardless of age!

It is my purpose as a teacher to help you develop the skills needed to enable you to play any type of music that you enjoy. Lessons should be comfortable, inspirational and enjoyable. It is important to keep the line of communication open regarding your goals for taking piano lessons.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have!