The following items should be part of your piano KIT when taking online lessons. Many items can already be found around the home/office. Links provided are just visual representations of what I am referring to.

  1. Sticky tabs for marking pages. You can get any brand but the less expensive paper tabs tend to lose their “stick” and fall out. Good tabs can be reused for several weeks.
  2. Post-it’s (3×3) for making notes on the pieces…and various other purposes! One pad should last awhile.
  3. Metronome at the piano – either an app (NOT on the phone if you’re using a phone for the lessons…) or mechanical/digital metronome.
  4. Pencil with eraser
  5. Highlighter, colored pencils or erasable PENS and/or MARKERS. While they are an additional expense, the erasable pens make a huge difference when learning new pieces and are well worth the investment. I probably own a few dozen of them…because they are that effective! Pencil markings all start to look the same and highlighters/markers aren’t erasable. TIP – If getting the erasable pens/markers don’t get the super fine-tip, they aren’t as effective
  6. All students would benefit from white-out tape