I need a metronome!

Best Option: Wittner Plastic/Wood Metronome. These will produce the best sound and will last forever. They are wind-up and do not need batteries and cannot fail due to electronic issues. While they are more expensive initially, they are a good investment. Because they are larger in size, these would not be ideal if you intend to travel with the metronome or don’t have room on the piano. These will average $50-100


Round Dial Type: These are good metronomes, the sound will not be as good as the larger ones, but they tend to last a long time. These will average $25-45.


Small Weighted Metronome: Similar in style to the Whittner, they are good metronomes and tend to last a long time. These will average $25-50.


Credit Card Metronomes: Avoid at all costs. While they are small and portable, they break easily and don’t have a good sound.