All students taking lessons online and in-person are required to download Skype onto whatever device they prefer.

New Students:

  • Download Skype HERE
    • I would recommend downloading it on multiple devices in the event something is not fully charged or the program fails when a lesson begins.
  • You can find me on Skype by using this LINK or typing “Lesli Hanson” and selecting the account with the studio logo.
  • The fourth lesson of the month will be online.
    • Make sure to click HERE and check out the correct angle for setting up at home.
    • We will set up the angle at an agreed upon time after the first lesson and make sure the home space is prepared for online lessons.
    • Having an online lesson allows me to see the environment around the piano, assess bench height and the student’s instrument as well as prepare for lessons that will be held online either due to instructor illness or student illness.
  • Please prepare the following Online Lesson KIT.